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Personal Video from Mastin
’m short on time today welcoming new students into the Rebel Practitioner Bootcamp

So I recorded this short video for you.

BONUS SESSION: How to Address Client Objections
Something I’m really passionate about is that you can’t change the world if you’re struggling to survive. That’s why I created the Rebel Practitioner Bootcamp. I believe that with the right support, you can get awesome clients and finally create sustainable financial freedom in your business or private practice and never go back.

I want to introduce you to some amazing people who are doing just that.

These are a few of my clients who at one point felt lost, stuck, and overwhelmed ...and are now making a huge impact (and an income to match) with amazing, energizing clients.

I’m sharing their stories today because maybe you can relate. Maybe you feel like you’re not ready to make an impact or that now is not your time.

I hope their stories will inspire you to make decisions and take action with the part of you want to bring forward.

They all come from different places and different backgrounds, but have one thing in common… they discovered a passion for changing the world and found the clients to support that passion.

>Carolyn, the CPA who left her soul-sucking job to finally achieve her dream business
>Connie, who turned passion and potential into a sustainable purpose-fueled practice
>Dan, a coach who went from struggling to pay the bills to his first $38,000 month
>Elizabeth, the bartender who wants to change people’s lives
>Jade, who discovered she hated the view from the top of the corporate ladder
>Kishia, the empty-nester who dared to ask, “What’s Next?”
>Linda, who went from laid off to impacting thousands of women
>Megan, the introvert who went from financial and emotional bankruptcy to abundance in both
>Rhonda, who went from deep shame about charging for her work to discovering its worth
>Sara, a “seeker” who was repelled by business coaches up until...
>Tom, the ‘corporate guy’ who was tired of building other people’s visions
Exciting news today. My implementation program, The Rebel Practitioner Bootcamp is officially open!

Maybe you're wondering how to get started putting yourself out there, or how to get clients who keep your dream business going.

You don't have to know all the answers.

And you don't need more experience, credentials, clarity, or any of that.

You just have to take action. And that starts now.

And the best part is, you don't have do this alone, friend. You CAN'T do this alone.

Maybe you're wondering how to get started putting yourself out there, or how to get clients who keep your dream business going.

You might be stuck in a soul-sucking job, or in that 50/50 place where you're putting half your time and energy in your soul-sucking job and half your time into your business, or maybe you've gone all in, no matter where you are, we can help.

If you're a rebel practitioner looking to change the world, my team and I are here.

The truth is that tactics and strategies aren’t enough to make an impact and thrive while doing it. And the reason is something that nobody is talking about. We study business without understanding the patterns of behavior that get in our way.

You have survival patterns that exist solely to keep you alive and safe. And a good way to keep you safe is to stifle your impact.

That’s why our team created...

The Rebel Practitioner Bootcamp
A implementation-focused experience from Mastin Kipp. 8 weeks of trauma-informed and evidence based functional coaching so that you can get awesome clients and finally create sustainable financial freedom in your business or private practice and never go back.

Finally get an ROI on your degree, certification, education or passion and all your other unfinished courses and programs.

In the first four modules of the bootcamp, you’ll lay your success foundation as you identify what to sell, who to serve, and how to start. We’ll create a runway based on trauma and attachment-informed business principles and eliminate the blocks that have been keeping you stuck until now.

>>>Action Lab One: Align With Your Passions And Gifts -- When you lean into your unique gifts, competition disappears. Nobody can start a practice or a business the way you can. Inside the Rebel Practitioner Bootcamp, you’ll learn the process to discover your unique gifts, your core values as a practitioner, and your disruptive and myth-busting beliefs -- all of which will help you stand out, no matter what the competition is doing.
>>>Action Lab Two: Define Dream Clients And Create Offers -- Without offers... you have a hobby,not a business. Using your unique gifts refined in step 1, we’ll identify your ideal clients and offer them world-class customer care. Now that you have your unique gifts defined, you can create products and services and offer them to your market right away. We’ll learn to iterate and pivot on-the-fly so the income is coming in and your product and service line is constantly getting better. We’ll define which metrics to track (and which to ignore) so your decision-making is data-driven, taking the guesswork out of your next steps.
>>>Action Lab Three: The Art Of Enrollment -- Most people have the wrong idea about sales. When you're “sold” something that you really need, you’re grateful. It doesn’t have to feel sleezy or manipulative. It can be healing. In this epic module, we’ll cover the 12 Steps of the Trauma-Informed Enrollment Conversation, How to address and overcome the most common objections, and the exact software and tools we use to make the sale (most of these tools are free). You’ll discover the fastest path to cash and how to feel authentic and aligned during the entire process.
>>>Action Lab Four: Client Attraction 101 -- Attracting the right clients is the lifeblood of your business. There’s a missing piece when it comes to advice about attracting clients. We can do everything right and STILL be spinning our wheels. That’s because there’s a MASSIVE difference between the right clients and the wrong clients. The wrong clients are draining, low-paying, and a ton of work. The right clients energize you. They make you feel like you’re making a difference. You’re excited to talk to them. And most of all, they pay. And they pay what you’re worth. They don’t argue about prices or ask for discounts. They don’t flake. They are as excited to work with you as you are with them. In Rebel Practitioner Bootcamp, we’ll talk about how to identify, find, and attract the right clients and keep them working with you for years.

With a solid foundation in place, you’ll be ready to find, invite, convert, and serve your ideal clients. You’ll use what you built so far to take meaningful, precise, deliberate action and get your first or next clients.
>>>Action Lab Five: Identify & Connect -- Gone are the days of “blasting out” content. Today’s marketing is about connection. Here’s the good news. If you are a practitioner, coach, therapist, teacher, functional medicine practitioner or in the health and wellness field, you’ve already built the skills to be a great marketer. Using frameworks, scripts, and examples, you’ll discover how to find where your ideal clients are and then be in proximity both locally and online… and, how to start an authentic conversation that seeds your work.
>>>Action Lab Six: Authentically Add Value -- Marketing is to understand your clients' challenges and speak to those challenges. In other words, demonstrate empathy… a skill that rebel practitioners like you already have in abundance. We’ll help you refine your messaging and create an effective content strategy that doesn’t feel forced… just you speaking your truth authentically. We’ll also cover how to repurpose the right content strategically so you don’t feel like you’re on a “content treadmill” and even how to maximize local opportunities to add value and become the go-to authority in your community.
>>>Action Lab Seven: Invite And Convert -- People hate getting sold to, but they love being invited. With the foundation you’ve built up until now, invitations to your ideal clients will feel natural and authentic -- not sleezy. We’ll give you checklists, scripts, and examples so you know exactly what to do and say in a way that’s aligned with your unique gifts and your clients needs. Hundreds of people have ALREADY followed this step-by-step guided process to land $1,000+ clients -- and felt natural and aligned through the process.
>>>Action Lab Eight: Serve And Pivot -- The idea that you can grind and hustle on your own is outdated and damaging Growing a sustainable business or practice to create impact and provide income for you and your family is not a one-time event. It takes stamina and support to keep it going. We cover how to recognize and overcome your patterns around accepting help, and how to provide the system and infrastructure to pivot, scale, and grow over the long term. It starts with recognizing that nobody is an island and our impact can be so much greater when we’re in it together.

Plus, you’ll have access to these exclusive bonuses

>>>BONUS 1: Bi-weekly Group Accountability Calls Return on Impact is all about implementing what you learn. Every other week, we'll hop on a call together to check-in and make sure you're making progress. We'll review the materials, create action steps and make sure we're moving forward towards our goals!
>>>BONUS 2: Bi-weekly Digital Implementation Rapid Q&A Questions about what you're learning? Stuck on a challenge? Throughout the program, we'll provide "Office Hours," a dedicated time to post questions to the Rebel Practitioner Team and help you through common sticking points.
>>>BONUS 3: 6 months access to the Private Rebel Practitioner Community Nobody is an island. In addition to all the core curriculum materials, you’ll have access to your Rebel Practitioner Bootcamp cohort who is going through the bootcamp at the same time. You’ll learn from each others’ challenges and successes and get new perspectives on the material each week. Connecting with other practitioners and entrepreneurs is a key part of the journey.
>>>BONUS 4 [INSTANT ACCESS UPON JOINING]: Finally Finished - How to learn how to drop the guilt of not finishing and complete anything Many of our students have years of accumulated usernames and passwords for courses that they’ve never opened, let alone completed. We’ll cover how to let go of the guilt of unfinished courses, extract maximum value from the resources you already have, and cleanse your hard drive and your mind of information overload.
>>>BONUS 5: Cash Injection Training [INSTANT ACCESS UPON JOINING]: In this bonus training, we’ll show you how to fund your practice quickly. We’ll cover the fasted way to make money to support quitting your 9-5, cover your investments, or just boost the bottom line. This quick win will also give you the confidence to know that you have what it takes to make an impact AND and income.
>>>BONUS 6: Idea Clarity & Reinvention Short Course If you're not quite sure what business you'd like to start OR if you're in a time of pivot in business or in life, this short course will guide you through "Clarity through Action." Think of it as "What to Do if You're Not Sure What To Do."
>>>BONUS 7: Your Perfect Business Blueprint This downloadable PDF, created from decades of business experience and with data from thousands of clients, will walk you through the perfect business, mapping out what to expect at each step of the way.
>>>BONUS 8: Offer Mapping Tool [INSTANT ACCESS UPON JOINING]: Take the guesswork out of creating your product and service offerings. This proprietary Offer Mapping Tool is how we guide our high-end coaching students to create profitable offers that convert. You’ll get the math behind great offers as well as a our Guide To Adding Coaching To Your Business/Practice.

And I am crazy excited to announce we just added...
In the Rebel Practitioner Bootcamp, you’ll never get lost or fall through the cracks. In addition to Mastin and our Sherpa Team, we have an entire team of mentor coaches who will be there to support you during the 8-week bootcamp.These successful rebel practitioners have been through the same bootcamp process you’ll go through and will provide encouragement, support, and accountability inside the community and during bi-weekly accountability calls.
For 4 weeks during the course, you'll be able to send and receive messages directly to Mastin about your specific challenges. Mastin will answer your questions, help you through specific sticking points, and help keep you moving forward. ONLY AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS WHO JOIN REBEL PRACTITIONER BOOTCAMP BEFORE TONIGHT, MONDAY, OCTOBER 14 AT 11:59PM PACIFIC TIME.
We can’t keep looking at business and life separately

Get all the details (and 1-on-1 access) for The Rebel Practitioner Bootcamp here. 
We walked through the ENTIRE Thriving Practitioner Roadmap. This is everything you need to know to find clients that are ready to invest.
We cover the entire thing and answer your questions. I’m not holding anything back.  By the end of tonight’s session, you’ll have the exact steps you need to finally make the income and impact you know you’re capable of.

Why am I doing this?

I believe in sharing everything. On Monday, I’ll show you how you can work with our team to help implement the roadmap, and tonight I’ll show you exactly what that looks like. The roadmap is important and support is equally as critical to business success.

If you’ve been following along with the free live Get Ideal Clients workshop this week, you may be thinking about how your inner student and practitioner are strong while your inner entrepreneur could use some work. 
(If you haven’t taken the assessment yet, you can find all the info below)

In fact, the data this week shows that the lowest rated skills were:
>>>I love marketing & selling
>>>I love taking risks
>>>I love having a team to support me

There’s good news, though!

With the right support, you CAN build these skills. And it doesn’t require you to become someone new. In fact, the skills that you’ve developed up until now…

...things like compassion, curiosity, and ability to learn new things…

Mean that as you grow your business or private practice you’ll do it with integrity and care.

(BTW these were the highest rated skills of those that took the assessments this week).

Last night, we talked about how to bring forward your inner entrepreneur by leaning on those other skills. After all, sales with integrity is just having transformational conversations.

Here’s my challenge to you: Pick at least one item from this list and do it! Then share what you did in the Get Ideal Clients Masterclass Facebook group. Whether it goes well or not, it’s all about taking action.

And, as a bonus, I shared my Super Secret Mega Advanced Cutting-Edge Facebook and Instagram Live Strategy for the first time ever. You can download that here. Make sure you follow it to the letter for maximum results!

We walked through an exercise to help you determine how many clients you’ll need to reach your monthly income goal (it’s likely less than you think).

This isn’t an abstract thought exercise.
We didn’t just cover WHAT to do and HOW to do it, but how REAL people are doing it right now.
Mike, an addiction and recovery coach, discussed how he made $25,000 by working with just 15 people using this exact process.

Welcome to the Get Ideal Clients Masterclass Series
So excited you’ll be joining me for the Get Ideal Clients Masterclass: A Masterclass designed for rebel practitioners, coaches, therapists, teachers, functional medicine practitioners and health and wellness entrepreneurs

This is stuff nobody is talking about.

If you’re ready to change the world, but wondering where all the people who are ready to invest are...
And discovered that you need something more to get clients and turn what you know into sustainable financial freedom so that you can do what you love and earn more...

Learn the strategies, mindsets and cutting-edge insights you need to turn your hard earned education into sustainable financial freedom by getting clients.

Class Schedule (put these on your calendar so you don’t miss out):
--Session 1: Monday,October 7
--Session 2: Wednesday, October 9
--Session 3: Friday, October 11
--Session 4: Monday, October 14

All sessions will be held at 6pm Eastern


🕕3pm Los Angeles

🕘6pm New York

🕚9am Sydney

🕑11pm London

Connect with me!
Connecting with you on this journey is really important to me. So here’s two ways to connect during the Masterclass:

>>>>Join the Get Ideal Clients Facebook group to connect with other attendees and get special bonus content!

>>>>Follow my Instagram to get behind-the-scenes updates on the Masterclass.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Look forward to connecting with you.


1. Click here for session replays

3. Click here to join our Facebook group

4. After you join the Facebook group, introduce yourself by telling us where you're from and what your biggest challenge has been when it comes to finding clients.

5. Follow my Instagram to get behind-the-scenes updates on the Masterclass
During Workshop 1 of the Masterclass, we covered the 3 skill sets needed to get clients create a thriving practice and business in today's modern, digital times. And how, up until now, you’ve likely focused on building just 2 of those skillsets. 

Entrepreneurs love obstacles, learning on the fly, and pivoting. And, they are annoyingly persistent.

I created a rating system to help you find your baseline for each of these skill sets. These ratings will help you discover where you have room to grow in your journey (and where you’re already crushing it!)

Get your Adjusted Effective Entrepreneur Rating

Note, there is no “bad” rating. We all start from different places. Identifying and building the skills you lack is part of the process of turning what you know into sustainable financial freedom so that you can do what you love and earn more.

Once you have your ratings, hop over to the Get Ideal Client Masterclass Facebook group and share your results!

Then, we walk you through how to create your first or next offer! I promise it’s simpler than you’re making it!